Meet Soniya...

My name is Soniya. I hail from the city of Chandigarh within the north-western state of Punjab. I have been in United States for a little about 3 years after getting married. Not to mention, what a change it was! I love food and outdoors and coming for a place where hospitality and food reigns supreme, I was looking out for the same.

Though an Indian at birth, I never realized the value of Indian cooking then. I had been eating traditional Indian food all my life with occasional chow-mein, pizzas and burgers. Ofcourse all that was available with a tinge of indian spices in India, it is only after coming here I realized that Americans have a truly global pallette. There are so many cuisines available that are very close to their native counterparts and I was deeply motivated to learn to cook some.

That's how I got into the hobby of cooking, in tyring out to make these different cuisines. I further realized that Indian cooking was by far the most difficult due to the balance of spices and herbs and the number of ingredients per dish. I also found that the indian spices that are seldom used in other cuisines are the hallmark of a great indian dish are very least understood here. This is both good and bad! Good because I can taste something that doesn't have Indian touch and Bad because I 'miss' it :)

I must add, I am pure vegetarian but not a vegan. I further thought, why not start a little cuisine school and share my knowledge with other cooks, both novice and professional and make an impact in the landscape here. I must stress that in the name of vegetarion, what is available here in different cuisines, surely can add a thing or two from the north-indian vegetarian cuisine :)

come in my kitchen. Learn a dish or two. I will demonstrate my way, then if you are an experienced cook, we can put together an Indian dish your way :) Take the cooked food that is just perfectly right for you. If you want to throw a small party at home that evening, get with me in the morning and we will cook something together.